Monthly Rates
MembershipJoining feeMonthly feeAnnual fee
Single Parent Family$41.34$41.34$496.08
Adult 18+$39.22$39.22$470.64
Full Time Student$31.80$31.80$381.00
Youth 12-17$24.38$24.38$292.56
Senior Adult 60+$28.62$28.62$343.44
Senior Couple 60+$33.92$33.92$407.04

You're not just becoming a member. You're becoming FAMILY!!!!!

Membership Cards- Each member will receive a permanent member ID card. Please Present your card upon each visit. Member ID cards are non- transferable. Lost Cards can be replaced for only $13.00

All Aquatic and Land classes are included in the membership.

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